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January 2024

Since 2011 the casQueteers are carefully building a portfolio of whisky casks. On our website you’ll find an overview of the distilleries which we’ve already been able to include in our portfolio. On each of the distillery pages you can also see which casks we currently have with them. The bottled releases can be found in our Bottlegraphy.

The casQ shop and the casQ forum are only accessible for registered / logged in casQueteers. When you’re interested in participating in cask shares with us, please submit your request for an account via our contact form. Once we’ve received your request, we’ll start processing it and we aim to setup your account within 24 hours. You can of course also use our contact form for general questions before registering for an account or come visit our stand at some of the whisky festivals in The Netherlands and in Belgium.

Join us!

Become a co-owner of a cask
Enthusiasts can subscribe to a share (or shares) of a cask of whisky. An overview of available cask programs per distillery can be found on the portfolio pages. The full overview of available cask programs is only available to registered members via the casQ shop.

The share (or shares) are registered in your name in the cask administration and on the website. You will then receive an email with the payment details from our treasurer Willem Velthuizen. After receipt of the payment you are officially co-owner of the cask. That is the start of the journey of discovery, because our fun is in tasting how the whisky develops!

Started in 2011 with a cask of Bunnahabhain 1986 and five participants. There are now well over 750 participants who together own more than 320 casks. The participants come from European countries like The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, England, Scotland, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, France, and Spain, and a growing number of countries in the rest of the world with United States, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong, and even Barbados already being listed.


The goal of the casQueteers is to learn and enjoy the development during maturation with a select group of enthusiasts and ultimately to bottle our own whisky. This means: choosing the cask yourself, regularly tasting how the whisky develops and jointly deciding when it is optimal for bottling. In order to compile a nice portfolio and ensure new offerings, it is also important that we further build up knowledge about and a network with the distilleries. And: your own whisky cask is of course a great travel destination when you are in Scotland (or a good reason to go there)!

Starting points

Adventure, fun, freedom and top quality
Those are the core principles of the casQueteers. The approach is based on a limited number of participants per cask, so that we can periodically organize a Nosing & Tasting with the cask samples. A cozy get-together, where we enjoy the cask samples, discuss the development of the whiskey, make tasting notes and decide together whether the cask will ripen further or whether it’s ready for bottling. And of course we do this in a pleasant environment with the possibility to spend the night.

Each casQueteer decides in which cask(s) he / she wants to participate and for which amount of shares. There is no compulsory participation. As a casQueteer you can also offer casks yourself. We work completely transparent, without surcharges or extra costs: the total costs of the cask are paid by the participants in that barrel and nothing more than that.


At the casQueteers we only pay the actual costs of the whisky, without surcharges and extra costs. And nothing else, where you decide in which cask(s) you participate and for which part. The total costs for a cask consist of two parts: the first part is the purchase price, the second part consists of import duties (excise duties), VAT, bottling costs and transport costs.

The purchase price of a cask is known in advance and is calculated according to the subscription price per share. In addition to the purchase price of the cask, the second part must also be taken into account in the long term (after bottling): import duties, VAT, bottling costs and transport costs.

The total final costs including import duties depend on the number of years the cask is allowed to mature in Scotland. Annually about 2% of the content of the cask evaporates, the ABV% decreases annually with roughly 1.5%. The exact amount of bottles and the ABV% can be approximated in advance. Because the excise duties are paid per liter of alcohol, the exact costs are only finally known after bottling.

A good approximation of the costs per bottle can therefore be given in advance. The calculation is made using the pound sterling exchange rate and current tax rates. How the exchange rate and tax rates will develop in the future is uncertain, which can be both favorable and unfavorable. This is especially important for casks that will be left to mature in Scotland for a number of years.


1. Starting point is the journey and the fun, or in other words the hobby. There are no commercial intentions. However, it’s possible for commercial parties to participate in the purchase of a cask.

2. The prices of the offered cask plans are transparent and are without service fees / surcharges spread over the participants of a cask (we only pay the actual costs). We provide insight into both the purchase costs and the ultimately expected costs.

3. During the periodic tastings, the owners taste the maturation progress of the cask. They jointly determine when the cask is ready to be bottled. If you aren’t able to attend the tasting, we’ll be happy to send you a sample (of course shipping costs do occure then).

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