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Dornoch Distillery Octave

General Details

De Dornoch Octave cask: fund our dream. We splitsen de octave in 5 delen, de prijs per deel komt daarmee op £ 400. Dit is het complete octave programma van Dornoch:

Fund Our Dream, thank you – £2000 (100 Only )

  • Your own Dornoch Distillery Octave cask
  • Certificate of cask ownership
  • Cask owner hoodie
  • Invitation to Cask Owners day
  • A bottle of 5 year old Dornoch Distillery Single cask Malt Whisky bottled at Cask Strength
  • A bottle of our first Single Malt Whisky bottled at Cask Strength
  • 10 Experimental Tasting panel feedback samples
  • The Experimental Tasting Panel feedback bottle of gin
  • Exclusive Tasting Panel T-Shirt
  • Invitations to exclusive Dornoch Distillery events
  • Special offers exclusive to funders
  • Personal invitation to our 3rd Anniversary party

Dornoch Distillery Co Octaves

We aim to use 100% floor malted Organic heritage varieties of Barley.  Floor malted heritage varieties can cost around three times as much as modern varieties industrially malted

We will be running a semi lautered mash tun with a regime tuned to the requirements of the heritage varieties

We aim to use a heritage variety/varieties of yeast. The focus will be on old strains of brewers yeast.

Our fermentation vessels will be 1200L and will be filled with no more than 900L of Wort. They will be made from Quercus Petraea and will not be cleaned using chemicals.

We are will be fermenting for a minimum of 100+ Hours, initial plans are for 168 hours/7days. Our aim is to produce a highly characterful wash, not a high-yielding wash.

The wash Still will be 1000 litres in capacity and will be direct gas fired. The Spirit Still will also be direct fired and will hold 600L.  The stills will be under filled, run carefully, manually and slowly without anti-foam

Casks will be filled at no-less than the industry standard of 63.5%ABV

Your cask
Your Octave will be produced from American White Oak which has previous held craft organic Bourbon.

Your Octave will be securely stored on site at the Dornoch Distillery, on the grounds of the Dornoch Castle

1. Ed
2. Lieven
3. Wilfred en Roelof
4. Adri en Willem
5. Rob en Michel
Dornoch documentatie
d.d. 20 mei 2016

Octave owners Terms 2016

1.    The completed, signed and countersigned Dornoch Distillery Cask Order Form 2016 and these Terms and Conditions comprise the contract of sale for a 2016 Cask (“Cask”) between Dornoch Distillery Company Limited ( also referred to as “we, our or us”) and our Customer (also referred to as “you or your”).

2.   Cask Availability – Dornoch Distillery Company is a truly independent micro-distillery with extremely limited capacity for third party fillings

3.   Cask Sizes – Our casks are all approximately 50-54L (Octave)

4.  Cask Content – The Cask to be filled with New Make Spirit produced at Dornoch Distillery from 100% floor malted organic  barley. Filling strength will be no less than 63.5%ABV

5.   The Cask – Dornoch Distillery Company will retain ownership of the wooden cask after bottling.

6.   Cask selection – Dornoch Distillery Company has sourced very good quality American White Oak ex-bourbon Octaves. The previous content was Organic Bourbon. A small quantity of ex-organic rye casks are also available – please contact us directly.

7.  Payment – will be due immediately because of the limited availability, you may risk this offer being passed on as it is on a first come first served basis. Payment will include your spirit, warehousing, insurance, wooden cask and all other detailed services for up to 6 year period. It further includes the costs of repair to any Cask which is leaking and the replacement of any Spirit lost as a result of that leakage, but does not include spirit loss due to natural evaporation.

8.   Storage – Storage and insurance for the first 6 years are included in the initial purchase price. Further storage and insurance can be purchased in two year blocks at a cost of £100. All casks will be stored under bond at Dornoch Distillery, Castle Close with regular inspections of the Cask for signs of leakage.

9.   Angels’ Share – During maturation alcohol evaporates from the cask at an average annual rate of 2%, apart from the first year where the normal could be up to 5%. Losses in excess of these rates may occur.

10. Cask Visits – Dornoch Distillery is a small, working distillery and visits can be accepted by appointment only. Dornoch Distillery plans on holding an annual ‘Cask Owners Day’ which will allow all cask owners to taste a recent sample from their personal cask and meet fellow cask owners.

11.  Cask Samples – 1 x 50 ml cask sample will be taken close to your cask’s birthday every year. We’ll retain these at Dornoch Distillery. They’ll be Duty Paid and available for you when you visit. We are happy to post them out to you, this may be an additional cost. Please note that sampling from the cask is not permitted under any circumstances. Additional 200ml samples are available at £25.00 each, including Duty and UK postage. Dornoch Distillery retains the right extract samples for analytical purposes.

12.  Cask Owner Benefits – With each cask purchase we will provide each of the following:-

  • Dornoch Distillery Cask Owner certificate
  • Stenciled name on each cask
  • Invitation to Dornoch Distillery Octave Owners day
  • VIP invitation to our 3rd Birthday celebrations

13. Ownership – Ownership is not  transferable without  prior permission from Dornoch Distillery unless the cask is inherited. Should your cask become available for sale, Dornoch Distillery has first right of refusal to purchase at a fair market value. Thereafter, ownership can be transferred to another single, named individual, with our approval.

14. Final Payments – These will be due when you decide your cask, or part of, should be bottled. The majority of these payments will consist of Excise Duty plus bottling and labelling costs. The prevailing costs at the time of bottling will be charged.

15. Excise Duty – This is the tax on the % of pure alcohol, payable to Her Majesty’s Customs and Excise. This tax must be paid if the whisky is removed from bond. The Duty rate is subject to change and various different rates of Duty apply throughout the EU and the rest of the world. UK Duty is not payable if the cask is sold back to the distillery ‘under bond’.

16. Bottling – We offer two bottling strengths – cask strength and 46% ABV but we suggest natural cask strength. Bottling will not be chill filtered. All casks will be bottled at natural colour. The cask will be hand bottled at current distillery cost price. We require a minimum of 2 months’ notice before bottling, to allow for locality labelling and tax stamp requirements. Cask owners will not be allowed to bottle and release their cask until Dornoch Distillery Company has bottled and released their first Single Malt Whisky – This is non-negotiable. One bottle will be retained by the Dornoch Distillery Company for company archives. Cask owners are to make 3 bottles from their cask available for the distillery to purchase at reasonable market value at the time of bottling.

17. Bottle Type – The cask will be bottled in a Dornoch Distillery Company official bottle, with a personalised Dornoch Distillery label. The quoted rate includes bottles, corks, closures, outer cases, and labelling. Additional labelling can be provided if required. All labelling must comply with Scotch Whisky legislation and any other relevant legislation pertaining at the time. The label and packaging will record that the product has been distilled, matured and bottled at the distillery and will include the name of the cask owner(s)

18. Delivery – On completion of any bottling, collection should be arranged by the owner. Bonded goods can be transferred to any location in the world, however, local Duty rates will apply once it is removed from any final Bond.

19. Valued Added Tax – This is not included in the quoted purchase price per cask. You will also be charged VAT on the bottling cost and Excise Duty when it leaves Bonded status. If the cask is sold back to the distillery ‘under bond’, no VAT will be due.

20. Duty/VAT Suspension – If your spirit is exported outside of the EU (or to a registered importer within the EU) Duty and VAT can be suspended (but not avoided) subject to the exporter being registered for both Duty and VAT. Both would be payable in the country of final destination. It is up to the cask owner to find an importer and arrange this.

21.  Change of Address – You must notify us immediately of any change to your address or contact details. In the event that we are unable to contact you within 6 months of the expiry of 6 years from the date when the Cask is filled, we reserve the right to sell the Cask and the Spirit and to hold the proceeds on your behalf after deduction of sale costs and any other costs which we may have incurred from warehousing the Cask for a period longer than 6 years.

22. Your Rights – Under this contract of sale, your rights may not be transferred or assigned to a third party without our consent in writing. This contract of sale is governed by Scottish Law and you and we agree to and accept the exclusive jurisdiction of the Scottish Courts in respect of any matters arising from it. Cask ownership may be automatically assigned to another individual without our consent if it is as part of an inheritance.

23. To  comply  with  the  UK  Warehouse  Owners  and  Warehouse  Goods  Regulations (“WOWGR”) you are required to confirm that you are a private individual purchasing the filled Cask for private consumption or gifting and that the ultimate bottled Scotch Whisky produced from the Cask purchased will not be sold or traded for profit. Your signing of the 2016 Octave Order Form will be deemed by us to be your confirmation of WOWGR compliance. If you are a registered HMRC revenue trader, please contact us directly.

Further Information

Should you require further information please get in touch with Philip or Simon Thompson on +44 (0)1862 810 216 or /