Annandale 2019 – ex Port wood #976 (Man O’ Sword)


Annandale – fresh ex. Port wood cask Peated #976 – 10.7.2019 – 222L – 63,5%

General Details

We kochten twee Port wood casks bij Annandale distillery:

Most recently, Annandale has been working with Spanish Cooper Jose Miguel Martin and we are delighted to be able to offer a very limited amount of ex- Port wood casks fresh from Porto to our private cask owners to fill with Annandale spirit.

Supplied by Real Companhia Vela, one of the oldest wineries in Portugal dating back over 260 years and founded under royal charter. These 225L Ex- port casks are produced from the finest American White Oak and filled with fine Ruby port which remained in cask for a minimum of 20 years. With this length of maturation time, the oak will be deeply impregnated with the beautifully rich character of the Ruby port.

In order to preserve cask quality these will be emptied and sent to us before being filled immediately with Annandale’s award winning spirit, allowing all the character of the cask to remain intact.

Tasting Notes; we expect this type of cask to yield notes of blueberries and white peach on the nose with notes of raisins, honey and Seville orange on the palate. These characters will perfectly complement our peated and unpeated New Make Spirit, with its distinctive Annandale character of  mixed fruit flavour, creaminess of vanilla and honey and the prominent Annandale green, floral notes.

Onze ex. Port wood cask #976 is op 10 juli 2019 afgevuld met 222 liter peated Annandale spirit. We splitsen dit vat in 50 delen, een deel levert na 10 jaar rijpen naar verwachting 5 flessen op. De intekenprijs per deel is € 110,-. Bij botteling is nog accijns, BTW, bottel- en transportkosten verschuldigd. Reken hiervoor op ca. € 100,- per deel o.b.v. de tarieven per maart 2019. De verwachte all-in prijs per fles komt daarmee rond € 42,-.


Spirit type:  Peated (Man O’ Sword)

Cask type:  225L ex-port cask

Date filled: 10/07/2019

Cask number: 976 (2019)

Volume of spirit at filling strength (63.5% ABV): 222.3L

Volume expressed in LPA (100% ABV): 141.6L

Personalisation (Cask End):  ‘CasQueteers’


This fresh ex. Port wood cask filled with peated Annandale spirit is split into 50 shares of 5 bottles, each share is € 110,- (to be paid now). When bottled in the future we will have to pay excise duty, VAT, bottling- and transportation costs. Based on tariffs march 2019 that would be € 100,- per share (to be paid in the future). The all in price per bottle is approx. € 42,-.

Eigenaren (owners)